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Variant of Rummy


This variant of rummy requires chips that are given at the beginning of the game. The winner is decided on this:

Winnings =Sum of points of all opponents assuming each chip is equal to one point

Once more the gameplay is forming the sequences and sets that are required.

No matter which variant you select, all you have to do is access your dashboard and click on the variant you want to try out.


Rapid rummy has the same rule as point, but play rapidly. Rapid play has a shorter time in each players’ turn, which request higher skill and wisdom for player. It is far more excited! Are you ready to win big and rapid?


This is a longer form of rummy variant. The gameplay is once more the same as in pool tournaments. There are three types of pool rummy, 51,101 and 201. If the player score reaches 51/101/201 then that player is dropped out of the game. So, the focus of this gameplay you need to keep your score low. You can enjoy to play rummy online free with this variant as well. Once you pick pools rummy from the dashboard, you will be taken to a table with 2 to 5 players and your gameplay will move as with points rummy. Only the calculation is different.


The 2-Jokers mode is completely similar as 13 cards point rummy. The only difference is that there are 2 Jokers per deck in 2-Jokers mode, which means 4 printed Jokers in 2 decks. A Joker card can replace any desired card when forming groups. The more Jokers and Wild Cards you get, the higher chance and larger amount of winning!

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